Child Parent Relationship Training

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Staff have been trained in Trauma Focused-Cogintive Behavior Therpay. PRACTICE compenents:











Cutivating Family Services support families in identifying and building on their own strengths and empowering them to identify the best strategies to help them enhance their parenting capacity. This gives Cultivatintng Family Service a foundation for working in partnership with the parent and family to explore opportunites for growth and support. 

 Child parent relationship training is an evidence-based approach that teaches parent how to use play therapeutically to enhacne the relationship between the parent and the child. The goal is to reduce behavior conerns; develop responsibiltiy and self control in children; increases self esteem and self confidence; and enhance parent's warmth of their children. This approach uses the parent to promote change in the parent child relationship.

Parents particpate in a series of family play sessions and counseling sessions on a weekly basis to develop parenting skills. The meeting consists of lectures, modeling, role plays, and exercises to promote skill building, positive support and encouragement. Therapist and parent work together to demonstrate the process of building a secure parent child relationship. The session focuses on gaining skills in empathy, tracking and setting limits.

The Child Relationship Training Program will help parents understand the process of the approach to strengthening their relationship with their child. The parents experience positive interaction with their kids during play sesisons which is the key to healthy attachment. The parents unconditional positive support turns into secure attachment for the parent child relationship. Child Parent Relationship Training is a great strategy to use to help parents gain skills and improve their parent child relationship.

Children have the opportunity to have positive and encouraging experiences with their parent while the parent gains the ability to parent a more nuturing and caring way. Parents who implement Child Relationship Training skills into their parenting become more aware of their chidlrens emotional needs and work towards interatcing effectively with their chidlren on an emotional level which helps improve their child's overall wellbeing.