Play Therpay services are offered by trained mental health professionals at Cultivating Family Services.

Professionals at Cultivating Family Services has speciaized training in child and family play therapy and Trauma Focused Cogntive Behavior Therpay. There are many different ways that young people react to stressful life evens.

 Play is essential to childrens healthy development. Play gives concrete form and expression to childrens inner worlds. Emotionally signficant experiences are given meaningful expression through play. A major function of play is the changing of what maybe unmanageable in reality to manageable situations through symbolic representation which provides children with opportunites for learning to cope by engaging in self directed exploration. Cultivating Family Services professionals use play with children because play is childrens symbolic lanaguage of self exploration. 

Cultivating Family Service professionals believe that children's play can be more fully appreciated when recognized as their natural meduim of comunicatiom for children to express themselves more fully and more directly. We recognize the value of bringing toys and art materials to sessions to facilitate involvement and expression of children. Play therapy has been demonstrated as an effective therapeutic approach for a variety of childrens problems including the following areas:

Decrease in aggressive acting out behaviors, Improved emotional adjustment of children of divorced parents,  Decreased maladaptive school behavior, Better social and emotional adjustment, Reducing symptoms of depression in children, Improved self concept-confidence.